Friday, October 22, 2010

T.M.I. for some maybe, but the momma's will understand!!

As I sit down on the couch with a hot cup of candy cane tea, I tuck a blanket firmly around me, and watch the raindrops slowly fall against the window. I have an overwhelming sense of comfort in the feel of the holiday season approaching. And just as I am drifting into complete relaxation, a little someone down below lets me know its time to get up again. Is this my baby moving about? Oh no, it is what I often refer to as another person living inside of me, My Bladder. It has been a joke in my family for a long time about my small bladder and large consumption of water (not the best combo). That was before I was pregnant, so as you can imagine with the same consumption of water as before, but an even smaller bladder being squashed by my little man (especially since he likes to continually stay low and sit right on it); it has gotten out of hand. I cant even tell you the number of times that I visit the little ladies room on a daily basis, but I can tell you it is far too many. I literally know where every restroom is in every store or restaurant I have ever been in because I have inevitably had to use it. Since being prego, we have taken stock in t.p. as I alone have gone through a role a day it seems. My hubby Kyle is very patient with me when we are out and about and every 15 minutes I let him know I need to use the ladies room, or when we are in the middle of a conversation or a movie and we have to pause for a restroom break again. Consuming less water is not an option because I continuously feel like I am "droughting" as I refer to it to my hubby.  So, all that to say we are never very far from a restroom, and I have nightmares about what labor and delivery will be like with my unquenchable thirst and itty bitty bladder. If that was too much info for some of you... oh well!! I know the prego momma's out there get my drift.

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