Thursday, October 14, 2010

So, I Climbed Mt.Everest Today.....

....or so my body thought. After a long day at work, Kyle comes home to find me lying on the couch with all manner of pillows surrounding me (if its a good day, I will have dinner awaiting us on the table). He will ask me how my day went and or what I did that day, and so, I tell him.....
Me: "Well I had another adventure. You know how yesterday I went rock climbing in the Grand Canyon? Well today I hiked Mt.Everest. It was a long hard climb but I made it back.
Kyle: "Wow thats great!"

And back to reality. I wish I could say I accomplished one of those things each day, because my body sure thinks I have. But instead here is what my answer to my day really sounds/looks like....

Me: "Well I ate breakfast, then rested on the couch, got dressed, had a snack, then took a nap. Then I put a load of laundry in, rested while checking my emails, ate some lunch, then took a nap. Made a list for the grocery store and possibly made it there, thought about going for a walk but was so tired I thought I should probably just rest. Managed to make some dinner, though with both ovens cooking (one in kitchen one prego belly), I overheated a few times. Then I rested on the couch until you came home. Now we can enjoy dinner together and then guess what? We can rest on the couch with our feet up!".  I say all of this to him feeling pathetic, as I have accomplished very little aside from sleeping and eating. But then my wonderful hubby replies with this
Kyle: "Well you are making a baby inside of you, so you need your rest"
Me: "Good response hun, good response"

So thankful to have an understanding husband, because I am my own worst critic and usually do not need help in that arena. I guess I should just enjoy the naps for now, as they wont be easily found once out little man arrives.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"A Little Funny Word Wisdom"
I have learned something very vital during my pregnancy about what to say to other fellow pregnant momma's. Which is to say..... absolutely NOTHING. I have compiled a list below of "what not to say to a pregnant momma". All of these comments have been said to me at some point or another and I am sure many of you prego momma's out there can relate to them as well. I hope this will be a good laugh for you and a learning experience for anyone else that might be reading this as well. I have included In parenthesis what my response in my head was to these comments, though not communicated out loud.  So here goes...

Things Not To Say To A Prego Momma:

1. "You don't look pregnant" ("well I have definitely gained weight, so what your saying is, I'm fat"). 
2. "All of this sickness is worth it in the end" ("thank you Captain Obvious you are only the 100th person to tell me  the exact same thing, and so far I am still feeling sick").
3. "So the diet's not working" ("its just an elderly man who is trying to make a joke Bethany, walk away, walk away").
4. "Oh your in your second trimester? Well then you should be feeling better" ( "thank you for making me feel like a weirdo since I am in fact not feeling better").
5. "Oh you can finally tell your showing now....there goes the figure right?" ("and there goes my last thread of confidence").
6. "You must be having a..." or "I think it's a....", or "I hope it's a..." ("So much pressure. okay peeps thank you for your votes. But next time, unless I ask you, lets just see what happens").

These are but a few of the lovely comments I have received that are simply better left unsaid. Number 4 & 6 might not be so bad in moderation, but that does not exist in my world. I do want to go on record saying that I realize all of these comments were given by people that truly care about me and were simply trying to say something to help. I have simply had to make light of the comments in my head so that I don't burst into tears in my crazy emotional state (that for another post). So what is a good thing to do or say to a prego mamma? Give her a hug, tell her she looks great, ask her if she needs anything etc. Feel free to ask questions just don't feel free to put in your two cents unless asked.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally begun

I have wanted to start this blog for some time now to document my pregnancy and to encourage other prego moms out there with some good laughs and hopefully some helpful tips as well. Being that I was so sick in the beginning and middle, I have not been able to get this rollin. I am now feeling a bit better in the afternoons thus I decided to finally start this blog. I hope you will come along for the ride as I enter into my third trimester and enjoy the hilarity of the tears, drama, challenges, cravings etc. that come along with it. Let's go Prego Momma's!!!