Thursday, October 14, 2010

So, I Climbed Mt.Everest Today.....

....or so my body thought. After a long day at work, Kyle comes home to find me lying on the couch with all manner of pillows surrounding me (if its a good day, I will have dinner awaiting us on the table). He will ask me how my day went and or what I did that day, and so, I tell him.....
Me: "Well I had another adventure. You know how yesterday I went rock climbing in the Grand Canyon? Well today I hiked Mt.Everest. It was a long hard climb but I made it back.
Kyle: "Wow thats great!"

And back to reality. I wish I could say I accomplished one of those things each day, because my body sure thinks I have. But instead here is what my answer to my day really sounds/looks like....

Me: "Well I ate breakfast, then rested on the couch, got dressed, had a snack, then took a nap. Then I put a load of laundry in, rested while checking my emails, ate some lunch, then took a nap. Made a list for the grocery store and possibly made it there, thought about going for a walk but was so tired I thought I should probably just rest. Managed to make some dinner, though with both ovens cooking (one in kitchen one prego belly), I overheated a few times. Then I rested on the couch until you came home. Now we can enjoy dinner together and then guess what? We can rest on the couch with our feet up!".  I say all of this to him feeling pathetic, as I have accomplished very little aside from sleeping and eating. But then my wonderful hubby replies with this
Kyle: "Well you are making a baby inside of you, so you need your rest"
Me: "Good response hun, good response"

So thankful to have an understanding husband, because I am my own worst critic and usually do not need help in that arena. I guess I should just enjoy the naps for now, as they wont be easily found once out little man arrives.

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  1. Um.... PREACH. I am neglecting my children as we speak. I mean type.